I am running late for work. I get a cab that will probably cost me more than I will make today. I can’t be late, so I put the driver under pressure. I know it is not fair but I do it anyways. He does everything that is possible for me to be on time.

I am living in a dirty full of roaches shared apartment, I am not meeting my career aspirations, people around me seem to have no soul and all the ones I love are very far away. I have nothing but my job at this side of the world and I can’t lose it.  I am so desperate that I tell all this to him.

He feels very sorry for me.

He’s from India and shares an apartment with somebody too, although he’s more than 50. He used to have a wife but he’s divorced these days.

We’re in silent waiting for the traffic light to turn green when he suddenly says:

“I have no life. I’ve been inside this car for 25 years. When I get home I heat something in the microwave, lie on the couch, watch TV and sleep. Then I come back to the taxi”.

He continues feeling sorry for me although I’m not talking anymore. I can’t imagine a worse life than a life in a taxi.

We arrive at my workplace and he takes only half the money I should pay. “Don’t worry, okay? Things are going to be fine”, he says.

I am on time for work. His words resonate in my mind while I am walking. When I turn back, he’s still there smiling at me and waving his hand.


I am waiting to take a boat and see how Mon Padraig O’Fiannachta blesses Fungie for living 30 years in the Dingle Harbour (County Kerry, Ireland). People say Fungie “has made Dingle” as it’s their main tourist attraction. He swims next to tourist boats and has jumped over them several times (unless Dingle people love to create legends using Photoshop).

They say the dolphin is old now and doesn’t do this anymore. Other people conspire by saying that they have replaced Fungie by a younger trained dolphin. Very likely.

There is a smelly dog next to me, trembling. Does he want to see Fungie too? His owner looks like an old sailor. There are families with excited kids and a blog writer who seems to be a real character. Two little girls are touching the smelly dog now and everybody is smiling at them and roaring “ooooh” as if it was the cutest thing they’ve seen, seemingly unaware of the smell.

Kerry is stunning this weekend. It’s not raining so you can appreciate the beauty of the landscape. Yellow flowers have come out and the sun makes the colorful houses look brighter.


Mon Padraig O’Fiannachta has just arrived. He’s quite old and can’t walk properly. He wears the typical green woollen Irish hat despite of the good weather. Irish people really like these hats.

Finally, we’re in the boat.  I get to go in the premium one. The blessing is going to take place from here and it is full of journalists, artists and well-known locals.

After 15-20 minutes we see a dolphin that’s supposed to be Fungie. How do you know that one is Fungie? I ask a journalist. “Oh, he has a special smile. You can’t go wrong with that smile”, she says.

Right. A special smile.

People crazily wave and cheer at him, and the priest gets ready for the blessing.

I don’t see any smile, but the dolphin does get very close to the smaller boats, to the point where a swimmer sat on small wooden boat kisses the dolphin. Impressive!

The priest immerses a branch with flowers into a plastic bucket full of holy water and shakes them later, sparing holy drops on the ocean. “Dear Lord, thank you for send us Fungie. Lord, bless Fungi and keep him happy with us. Keep him safe for at least as long as I have been alive”, he says.

I don’t think dolphins live that long.

His words rumble in the ocean thanks to a loud speaker. He goes on and on. “Fungie loves Dingle people and he’s special for the ladies. It is scientifically proved he has lipstick on his cheeks…”, he says.

The blessing is going in a strange direction.

“It would be nice to have young Fungies…”, he suggests to God.

At this point nobody knows if this is a sacred act or if everyone was at the pub before and they’ve come here to continue the party.


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