The sign that Joseph Byun shows at his storefront doesn’t have special discounts. It is a story about forgiveness.

Joseph (64 years old, South Korea) started his own business in Toronto 15 years ago. He imports catholic gifts from his home country and sells them at Holy Family Art, a small store located in Cabbagetown.


In the last year, he was stolen three times by the same person. “A man in his 30s came and put some medals in his pocket. First time I understood. Second time, too. For the third time, I had learned and I wanted to catch him. I called the police, but he ran away before they came. He left his bicycle in my patio and I gave it to the police”, he tells calmly.

Joseph doesn’t bear a grudge. He’s hanged a sign at his storefront in case the robber ever comes back. He tells him that he doesn’t only forgive him, but that he also wants to give  him his bike back.



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