1- Milk is sold in four litres plastic bags you get from the supermarket’s fridge as if you were taking out the trash.

2- Streetcar drivers are always happy and polite, no matter how archaic and inefficient is the public transport they have to deal with.

3- Firefighters are dressed like astronauts and drive trucks that, due to their size and outlook, could easily take off to unknown galaxies.

4- The crutches that Forest Gump uses exist, and if you slip on ice during the winter, you could feel like the movie’s main character.

5- Was the 80s-90s generation born with tattoos already?

6- No tobacco, plastic balls for kids or canned nuts. Here, vendor machines sell newspapers!

7- Advertising has invaded public washrooms too. Some bars have installed a digital screen in front of the toilet so you can think of your future trip to the Caribbean while peeing.

8- Kids don’t seem to exist downtown. YAY!

9- The coolest vintage store is here, in Toronto. Walking between Honest Ed’s lanes one can feel like Betty Draper looking for Campbells tomato soup.

10- They’re not cats, rats or foxes… They’re damn raccoons messing up with your garbage!

11-  That survival top-of-the-mountain adventure? You can experience it here! Get ready to run towards the closest shelter at -30 degrees as you calculate how long you have before dying from hypothermia.

12- Rich suburbian neighborhoods don’t have sidewalks.

13- Sweet potato with garlic mayo is the most common tapa.

14- In the spring bikes blossom more than flowers.

15- Crazy people everywhere.

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