Language is fascinating for revealing.  Some people don’t ask in restaurants for “some” ketchup or “the” ketchup anymore. They ask “where” is “their” ketchup. This means they are not only taking for granted that the restaurant has ketchup but that they are entitled to it.

So ketchup seems a basic need these days. Even a right. At this moment, for example, there are people talking in front of me and thinking I am listening when I am actually writing about ketchup. And I don’t even like it!


In this subway car where pink knitted strawberries hang from pink iPhones and everyone gives you a half smile when you make eye contact, I wish sometimes that somebody would come running desperately from the other wagon, prosecuted by some very bad guy with a gun.

The pink strawberry would fall on the floor. The pink iPhone would crash onto the floor too. And I would have something to write about.


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